Welcome to the 2019 Irish Nationals

Welcome to the website for Craobhacha Rince Náisiúnta na hÉireann (The Irish Nationals).

The Irish Nationals will take place in City West Conference Centre on 21st, 22nd & 23rd June 2019.

This is our 8th year and the previous years were a huge success and we look forward to seeing all teachers, parents & dancers again this year so we can repeat that success.

News Updates

Syllabus for 2019 is now available to download.

  • This year, the event will again be held in City West Conference Centre (including ‘The Arena) over three days from Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd June, 2019.
  • Teachers’ booking for accommodation opens at 9 am on Wednesday 11th February, 2019.
  • General Bookings open 9 am on 25th February, 2019. -Block reference: INAT2019
  • A 25% booking deposit will be required for all bookings.
  • All bookings can be made online (preferred method) or by phone.
  • B. Bookings made outside of the block cannot be transferred to the block.
  • There will be 6 stages again in use again – all in The Convention Centre, 3 Downstairs in The Arena and2 Upstairs in The Sycamore Suite (this will be divided into separate halls for Set Dances) and 1 Upstairs in The Lakes Suite (same as in Previous Years).
  • In order to utilise the stages more in the Arena and help reduce downtime there will be some changes to the syllabus & timetable from last year:

13 – 16 Ceili Championships & 13 – 16 Subsidiary Teams will be held on Saturday
18 – 19 Ladies & 20 – 22 Ladies Championships will be held on Sunday

  • In 7-8 & 8-9 boys and girls championships, all dancers must perform Heavy Jig, Reel & St.Patrick’s Day, O’Keeffe version only, as at Oireachtas Rince na hEireann (see video on www.clrg.ie).  The Molyneux Version of St. Patrick’s Day will not be permitted.
  • The first two dances in each solo championship from 9-10 upwards, will be same as those required at Oireachtas Rince na Cruinne 2020, as per passed by an Coimisiun in 2014, in respect of all Primary, Secondary & International qualifying events.
  • In Championships from 9-10 upwards, there will be a 50% recall, (depending on entry) but up to a maximum of 60 recalls (provided that these dancers have acquired points in the first two rounds).
  • The website for entries (feisentry.com) will be open to accept entries
  • from registered teachers only from 8th March, 2019
  • Closing date for entries will be 5th April, 2019.
  • The family fee will be automatically calculated when entering on line – therefore it will not be necessary to complete a separate entry form to avail of this
  • In Priomh Chomortasai, (for non-recalled dancers ) dancers may perform any Traditional Set Dance, of their own choice, as in previous years.
  • The dances required for Ceili Championships will be unchanged – Part A for Under 11 age group and either Part A or Part B for 11-13 upwards.
  • Advertisements must be received by 1st May, 2019.
  • Teachers may also pay by bank transfer, but cheques will still be accepted.
  • Each solo championship will be judged by a panel of nine adjudicators, i.e. three adjudicators on each round.
  • Results will be made available to download on line for no extra charge.
  • All perpetual cups won in 2018, must be returned (clean and in condition
    ready to present) to Noreen Duggan rear of stage 3 in Hall A (The Arena)
    by 12 noon on Friday 21st June, 2019.
  • Engraving is to be done on 2 lines, (not script) 1st line: 2018 & Name of dancer, 2nd line: Name of school – please abbreviate Scoil Rince to S.R.
  • There will be Irish Language Competitions again and Perpetual Cups will be presented to the winners in the Under 11, 11-13, 13-16 & Over 16 age groups. However, there will be an additional perpetual cup presented, in memory of Éilis Nic Shim-Uí Dhálaigh, to the best overall competitor who neither attends a Gaelscoil nor resides in the Gaeltacht.
  • Teachers are asked to encourage their pupils to enter Comortasai Gaeilge.
  • Spray tanning is strictly prohibited in all locations on the premises.
  • Also, the public bar area in the hotel must not be used for make-up purposes.