Photography Policy

An official photographer will be appointed for Craobhacha Rince Naisiunta na hÉireann who will take photographs of competitors, competitions and presentations. Such photographs may be subsequently used for marketing and promotional purposes including the publication of such photographs on the official photographer’s website.

Other agents may also be appointed during the course of the Championships for special promotional projects and the committee of Craobhacha Rince Naisiunta na hEireann reserves the right to permit suitably accredited photo-journalist to take photographs on a case by case basis.

Should any dancer or dancer’s parent or guardian wish to be excluded from any of these photographs, please contact any member of the committee with relevant details.

Please Note:
Other than the photographs taken by the official photographer or accredited photo journalists, all photographs of competitors, competitions and presentations may only be taken for personal use. They may not be redistributed, sold, lent or passed on to third parties. They may also not be used for commercial purposes or used in any publication or website without the express written permission of the committee and the parents or guardians of all dancers included in any particular picture.